Starting School in the Early Years


Welcome to the Early Years and Foundation Stage at Wyvil Primary School and Autism Resource Base.

Each Nursery class is named after a shape and the Reception classes are named after their class teacher. In our Autism Resource Base, our classes are named after Arctic creatures.


Click on the video below to see the Early Years at Wyvil Primary School.


Our welcoming classrooms help the children learn and thrive in a nurturing and caring environment. 

Click onto the picture gallery below to give you an insight into a day at Wyvil and at the Autism Resource Base. 




 We look forward to you joining our Wyvil family

EYFS At Wyvil

For further information on the EYFS at Wyvil, please look at our guidance presentations.

CLICK HERE for Nursery

CLICK HERE for Reception Starters

Getting ready to start school

For further information on getting your child prepared for school, please click on these documents.

Top Tips For Parents

Getting Dressed     

Getting Ready For Bedtime

Hand Washing Song 

Helping Your Child Use The Toilet 

Toileting (General)  

Toileting (Stage 1)   

Toileting (Stage 2)   

Toileting (Stage 3)

Toileting Reward Chart

Language Specific Resources

Talk To Your Child (Arabic)

Talk To Your Child (Chinese)

Talk To Your Child (Portuguese)

Talk To Your Child (Somali)





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