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The past three years has been a journey for the Wyvil community, as we strive to ensure that pupils, staff and all stakeholders are aware of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We at Wyvil recognise the importance of children being made aware of their rights, to enable them to be active citizens of the future. 

Wyvil welcomed the UNICEF team in the last week of the Summer term, to judge the work that has been carried out to support our pupils’ understanding and to assess the impact of our work . The RRSA team spent the whole morning at Wyvil, visiting classrooms and interviewing parents, pupils, staff and governors. The assessors were hugely positive about the pupil's understanding of the articles and we are so proud to announce that Wyvil has been accredited with the hugely prestigious Gold standard award.

The journey continues with the help of TG12 (Team Green 12) our steering group, who lead the school in our growing awareness of the rights of children near and far. We look forward to thinking in more detail about Global Goals and how we can help improve the future for generations ahead. Please read the report here 

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