Concerns & Complaints

In almost all situations, concerns and complaints can be handled informally by speaking to a member of staff.  In the first instance please request a meeting with your child's classteacher at a mutually convenient time, as it is not always possible for a teacher to discuss a complaint at the beginning or end of the school day in front of other parents or carers and children.

*Please note that staff are only able to discuss a pupil with those with formal parental responsibility*

If the classteacher is unavailable, please ask for an appointment with the Phase Leaders who are as follows:

EYFS & KS1: Miss McGarrell

Lower Key Stage 2: Mr McAnuff

Upper Key Stage 2: Miss Pope

Resource Base Provision:

Mrs Cioffi (for Speech, Language and Communication Needs Resource Base)

Miss Watson (for Autism Resource Base)

In the very rare instance where the Phase Leader is unable to help with your request or concern, then please request an appointment with Miss Pope (Assistant Head Teacher), Stephanie Stevens (Deputy Head Teacher) or the Headteacher, Miss Hodgkinson at a mutually convenient time.

Should you wish to record a concern or make a complaint, please complete in full a Concern and Complaint Form. Remember to add your full name and contact details.

CLICK HERE for a Concern and Complaints Form.  We will endeavour to respond to your concern or complaint within 15 working days.

In dealing with any complaints, the school will also refer to the Department for Education's Policy for Unreasonable Complainants. CLICK HERE to view this policy.

CLICK HERE to view the London Borough of Lambeth's Schools Complaints Complaints Policy & Procedure document.

Should the subject matter of your request be a safeguarding or child protection issue, please ask for the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Miss Hodgkinson. In Miss Hodgkinson's absence the following Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads can be informed: Miss McGarrell, Miss Pope, Miss Stevens, Mr McAnuff, Miss Cioffi, Miss Watson.

Should your concern or complaint be regarding the community use of the school's facilities out of hours, please complete a Concern and Complaint Form for the attention of Mr Brendan McShane.

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