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Our Curriculum


 Curriculum Vision & Statement 2021/22


At Wyvil Primary School, we ensure that we meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum, whilst retaining our commitment to create an innovative, inspiring learning community in which learners are engaged through a range of stimulating, relevant and inspiring educational experiences, relevant to our school community and context, while igniting a life long passion for learning.

Wyvil Primary School has 5 core values, which are embedded within our school community and curriculum and are essential to the way we foster a learning community within our school. They form the basis of the way pupils form relationships with each other and the adults in school; they act as a reference for how to respond to challenging situations and they provide the guidance that pupils need in order to develop effective habits of successful learners through our curriculum.

The Wyvil Core Values are:

  • Be respectful 
  • Be positive
  • Take responsibility
  • Try your best
  • Work together


The Wyvil School Reflection, read to pupils daily, provides examples of what these values mean in practice:

  • Help us to be respectful to everyone in our Wyvil Family, to be kind, honest and helpful to everyone we meet
  • Help us to be positive and to see the best in everyone, when things are challenging
  • Help us to be resilient and to persevere
  • Help us take responsibility for words and actions, to recognise and nurture all we are good at and learn from our mistakes
  • Help us to try our best in everything we do and remind us that our efforts reflect on our school, family and on us as individuals
  • Help us to work together as a team, to support each other and to recognise that together we can achieve great thing

At Wyvil Primary School, we also firmly believe our values underpin the fundamental British values, which are promoted in our SMSC and SRE, as well as throughout our wider curriculum:

the rule of law: respect and obey the law
mutual respect: respect the rights of others, including their right to their own opinions
democracy: treat others with fairness
look after yourself and your family
look after the area in which you live and the environment
individual liberty
tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Alongside our key school values, as a school we also have at the heart of our curriculum, the following overarching key themes, which shape teachers’ planning for the term while allowing them to plan opportunities to develop the full range of National Curriculum skills explicitly:

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Curriculum Theme

Our Community, Our Values

Our World, Our Responsibility

Our Dreams, Our Future

Core Value

Be Respectful

Work Together

Take Responsibility

Be Positive

Try your Best

RRSA Links

Articles: 2,3, 4, 8 and 12 (Anti-bullying Week & BHM)

Articles: 16, 17 & 34         (SRE & Internet safety Week)

Articles: 6, 15, 29 and 31 (Summer Talent Show/ Concert)

Curriculum Overviews 2021/22                                                                      (by year group)

The school has developed an outstanding curriculum that is exciting, engaging and meaningful to all pupils and is enhanced and enriched by a wide variety of broad and balanced learning activities.

Senior and subject leaders have worked collaboratively to ensure that teachers’ planning across the whole school year allows ample opportunity for our children to develop throughout the full National Curriculum.

A summary of how each year group develops children's knowledge, skills and understanding throughout the full National Curriculum, is outlined below:

Early Years:    Nursery  Reception

Key Stage 1:    Year 1    Year 2

Lower Key Stage 2:    Year 3    Year 4

Upper Key Stage 2:    Year 5   Year 6

Curriculum Overviews 2021/22                                                                              (by subject)

In addition to the year group curriculum maps seen above, a summary of how each subject area develops children's knowledge, skills and understanding throughout their time at our school , is outlined below:

Core Subjects:

 Maths                Science

Foundation Subjects:

Art     Computing    DT (Design & Technology)     Geography    History

MFL (Portuguese)     Music     PE (Physical Education)   

PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education)    RE (Religious Education) 

Examples of Curriculum Planning                                                             

 All subject leaders work together with teachers, to ensure that their planning allows for effective teaching and learning of all National Curriculum subjects, while ensuring the effective and engaging delivery of a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum.

Examples of these long term plans can be found below:




Examples of English Curriculum

Year 1

Year 6

Examples of Maths Curriculum

Year 1 Autumn Term 1

Year 1 Autumn Term 2

Year 6 Spring Term 3

Year 6 Spring Term 4

ICT Learning Outcomes

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

More specific age groups are available upon request.

 Further details of the learning for children in each class can be found outlined in each class' Knowledge Organiser sent home via Google Classroom each term.

Should you wish to know more about the Wyvil Curriculum, please speak to Miss McGarrell, Mr McAnuff,  Miss Pope or Miss Stevens


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