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Pupil Librarians


At Wyvil we strongly believe in the importance of promoting reading for pleasure. Every class has pupil librarians who take the lead in their classrooms and across the school to promote reading. Each pupil librarian completed an application form and was selected for the role due to their brilliant organisation skills, keenness for reading and excellent communication skills.

Our pupil librarians:
1.  Ensure that their classroom libraries are organised and full of a wide range of books their class enjoy and are appropriately challenged by
2.  Run the Wyvil Outdoor Travelling Book Library. All books for this are stocked by the Tate Library, some of which have been handpicked by our pupil librarians. They run the outdoor library, keeping track of who has borrowed and returned books and they make regular recommendations.
3.  Support with regular Book Fairs
4.  Lead Buddy Reading time in the KS1 playground at lunch. Pupil librarians from Years 5-6 read to and read with some of our younger pupils at lunch time from Years 1 and 2.
5. Go on trips, for example to the Tate library where they learnt how to organise a real library

Here are some of our Pupil Librarians in action, the first on their visit to the South Lambeth Library where they enjoyed sourcing books for the Travelling Library, and the second of the librarians in action in our school playground!



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