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Clubs/Extended Services

At Wyvil we pride ourselves on the wide range of clubs and extra curricular activities on offer. We aim to provide a range of services for our pupils and their families. For children we offer childcare before and after school, a range of sports, arts and specialist interest activities at lunchtime, after school and in the school holidays, residential trips and (with parental consent) access to specialists such as counsellors and Speech and Language therapists. For parents we offer Family Learning courses, in which parents and children learn together, English language classes, parent support groups and a parent counsellor.Many of the opportunities we are able to offer rely on our membership of the Oval Learning Cluster of local schools.


Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club runs from 8:20 am and is sponsored by Greggs the Bakers. Primarily aimed at children who are at risk of low attendance / punctuality or social disadvantage, the club aims to give children a healthy and positive start to the day. Children are served a breakfast consisting of toast, cereals and fruit and there are a wide range of activities for children to enjoy.  These include reading (for targeted children), lego, table top games and art.   If you are interested in your child joining breakfast club, please speak Mrs Matthews our extended services leader.


Lunchtime Clubs and Provision

At Wyvil we have a number of lunchtime clubs and interventions designed to enhance children’s lunchtime experience and provide further opportunities .  These currently include daily sports clubs, Orchestra, Choir, Taekwondo, Gifted and Talented Book Club and Steel Pans.  In addition, we have peer support groups and initiatives including Young Leaders, School Council, Number Masters peer tutoring, peer reading and Peer Mediator lunchtime supervisors initiative.


Childcare after school

Our after school childcare service is provided by Lighthouse Educational Society. 

Please speak to the office for more information. 

After School Clubs

We have over 45 activities running each week, and all activities are subsidised to make them more affordable. At the start of each term, a leaflet with all the available clubs is sent out.  Parents then receive a notification to return stating their choice of clubs and with payment information. All clubs need to be paid for in advance for the term at the school office. 

The current clubs on offer for Term 3 and Term 4 can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Nursery and Reception

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5



If you would like your child to participate in a club, please speak to their teacher or Mrs. Matthews, the after school clubs coordinator and Extended Services Leader. 


Family and Adult Learning

We offer a range of courses to enable parents to better help their child/ren with their learning. These include 'How to help your child with Literacy', 'How to help your child with Numeracy' and 'ICT for beginners'. We also offer English classes for parents who speak English as a second language, with both beginner and intermediate classes. If you would like to find out more about the current courses on offer for parents please contact Lucy Swanson, Extended Services Cluster Manager via the school office.


Support for parents

We regularly hold parent groups to encourage parents to share experiences and provide an important source of support for the group, helping each other deal with the day to day challenges they face as parents. To find out when the next group is meeting please contact Lucy Swanson via the school office. We also have a parent counsellor, Caroline Collins who is available for one to one meetings to support you through any issues you may have with your family at home or at school.


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