Reception Admissions for September 2018

If your child was born between 1st of September 2013- 31st August 2014 and you are a Lambeth resident, you will need to apply for a Reception place online. All applications must be completed and sent by Monday 15th January 2018. After this date Lambeth officials will allocate a reception place based on our admissions criteria. 

Admission to the Nursery: 30 Hours free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds

Spaces available for January 2018 - contact the school office for an application form or contact the Admissions Officer for further information.

We are offering both the free 15 hours entitlement and 30 hours full-time placements subject to eligibility.

Our intake periods are January and September.  

We currently have vacancies for both 15 and 30 hour placements apply ASAP to reserve your space.

If you are only eligible for the 15 hours and require a full time space for your child we have the option for you to pay the additional fees - please ask for further details.                  

     Full-time   30 Hours         9:05am -   3:05pm

     Part- time AM  15 Hours   9:05am -   12:05pm

     Part- time PM  15 Hours  12:05pm  - 3:05pm

Rising 3's Allocation

Rising 3 year old children ( 2 years and 9 months) who are eligible for the free early learning offer can access up to 15 hours per week of free early learning.

For admission to the nursery, parents should contact Marie McLeod-Federation Admissions Officer who will be happy to assist you. Tel: 020 7622 1164 or Email:

In year Admissions to Reception or any other year group:

All applications to Reception are dealt with by the Education Department of Lambeth Borough Council. For all in year admissions, parents should fill out the Common Application Form and return it to the School Office. In the case of a greater number of applications than spaces available, places will be allocated according to the school's admission criteria which is detailed below.

Wyvil Primary School Admissions Policy from September 2016

Please take a look at our current Admissions Policy for our school.

Please click on this link to view the School's  Admissions Policy

Please take a look at our current Attendance Policy for our school.

Admission to the Centre for Children with Speech and Language Difficulties:

Children are admitted to the Speech and Language Centre on referral from the Speech and Language Therapy service or the Special Educational Needs service. Please contact Mr Toye or Mrs Da Silva should you require further information about the Speech and Language Centre.  


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